Why Have Property Prices in Antalya Risen So Much?

Since 2020, few countries have been able to rival the Turkish market for growth and, as you might expect from the second most-popular destination in Turkey, Antalya has kept pace with cities like Istanbul and Ankara. But what’s behind the steep rise in prices? Can Turkey’s extraordinary performance be sustained?

Alanya – the rising star of Antalya

Alanya has a unique ambiance, and its special charms tempt tourists back time after time – and inspires many of them to invest in a dream holiday home. So just why is Alanya so popular with holidaymakers?

Why is Antalya booming in 2022?

Hotels and holiday homes in Antalya in particular are set for a prosperous year – tourism on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is booming. Here are some of the reasons why is Antalya booming in 2022.

Moving to Antalya – Lara Beach or Konyaaltı?

With just seven miles of sea between them, you might assume there’s not much difference between two of southern Turkey’s best-known Mediterranean beaches. Lara Beach and Konyaaltı Beach, on Antalya’s coastline, are both within relatively easy reach of the city centre, close to the international airport, and served by main roads connecting the region with east and west.

Why Buying Property In Alanya Is A Good Idea In 2022

Alanya is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday resorts, renowned for its warm welcome and cosmopolitan approach. You might be surprised to know that, historically, approximately 30% of property sales to foreign nationals in Turkey have been in Alanya. But when you consider that some one million visitors holiday in the area each year, injecting as much as £1bn per annum into the local economy, perhaps you can understand why.

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